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Why (and how) you should regularly perform a needs assessment

In this article, I’ll outline why I think that you need to consider a regular, deep review of your information needs and information partners alongside a few ideas on how you can conduct that review.

Why working with certified diverse suppliers matters for your bottom line

In this article, I’ll touch upon a few key points to highlight why working with diverse suppliers is worth your while, and also explain why it’s important that organizations work with independently certified diverse suppliers rather than relying on self-certification.

Making decisions: perfection is the enemy of progress

Decision making is an important skill for any manager or leader – particularly at critical inflection points in the life cycle of a business. How can we avoid agonizing, delaying and fruitless hindsight? Nikhil Damle, Catalyst Coach at Iridium Coaching and Learning, a Technology, Banking and Operations Enterprise Executive, discusses the psychology of decision-making and “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” plus other factors to consider when making timely and effective decisions.


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Couranto is Proud to Announce its 4th Certification as a Disability-Owned Business Enterprise

Couranto is pleased to celebrate its fourth anniversary as a disability-owned business enterprise (DOBE), certified through Disability:IN’s Supplier Diversity program.


Welcome Nobuhiko Kumagai

We are pleased to announce that as the next step in our global growth serving clients in EMEA, APAC and LATAM, Nobuhiko Kumagai has joined the Couranto team as our new representative in Tokyo, beginning Monday January 31st. Nobuhiko will work closely with both our Customer Services and Library & eContent teams in London, Manila, New York, Houston and Fort Lauderdale to support our clients' Japanese Requirements


Eliminate Challenging Cross-Charges with Couranto

Businesses today are faced with many challenges. Organizational costs are rising, staffing is limited, operations are complex, and the list goes on. Your company needs to adopt new processes and methods to improve efficiency and operate effectively.