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Unlocking Efficient Customer Service: The Benefits of Our Ticketing System

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient and transparent ticket management is more critical than ever. At Couranto, we understand that dealing with service issues can often be a daunting task, involving lengthy calls to publisher help desks and navigating complex technology teams. What does this mean for our clients?

Accounting Can Help You Avoid a 25% Budget Cut

Given economic headwinds and operating challenges, organizations are looking to reduce their discretionary spend. The most successful Information Managers understand how effective financial management can enable their business.

Practical Tips for Managing Contract Renewals with Couranto Clarity

In this article, we’ll examine how Couranto Clarity helps organizations to better manage their renewals, including renewals of multiyear contracts.

How Couranto Clarity Helps Avoid Unwanted Auto Renewals

Cost control can get out of hand quickly: in the blink of an eye, your organization can become needlessly committed to tens of thousands of wasted dollars that would have brought real value elsewhere. But if you learn to spot the patterns behind wastage you can make the necessary systemic changes to stop it.

Managing Automatic Renewal Subscriptions with Couranto Clarity

Couranto provides comprehensive subscription management platforms designed to provide control over an organization's subscriptions.

How Couranto Helps Manage Renewals

Managing renewals can be a complex and time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are tools available to streamline the process. This article explores how Couranto’s Subscription Management platforms help by surveying customers, avoiding disruptions, exploring alternative sources, reassigning entitlements and more.

Using Couranto’s Clarity Tool to Strategize Your Information Contract Budget

Couranto’s Clarity, a robust financial management platform, offers features that facilitate the creation and optimization of budgets. Leveraging its functionalities can empower businesses to make informed decisions when allocating funds to various information contracts

Maximizing Resource Efficiency: Why Usage Monitoring is Key

By understanding how your Information Assets are being used, you can reduce costs significantly and help drive better value for your information users. Usage monitoring is also an important bridge to the next major needs assessment exercise – and will provide supportive data to work with when you get to that big review.

Using Couranto’s Data Explorer

In this article, we outline how Data Explorer helps you to slice and dice contract data to help you to manage contracts better and make the most out of your information services budget.

Why Abandoning Your Information Services Department Can Be Costly

In this article, we explain why abandoning the idea of a centralized team of information experts probably isn’t a good idea. We’ll outline what subject matter expertise today’s library specialists contribute – and how this expertise helps you get more out of your budget, and avoid costly errors.

How Couranto Discovery Delivers an Improved Experience for End Users

Couranto Discovery is an empowerment tool for knowledge managers – delivering an intuitive user experience that drives usage and user satisfaction, and improves the value of your library across your entire organization

Three Trends Health Care Marketers Need to Know for 2023

The new year has arrived and change remains the standard. What does this mean for the health and life sciences industries, particularly for those organizations’ marketing teams and their strategies? Explore the top marketing trends from STAT’s Pulse Check report to get a head start on your 2023 marketing goals.

Eight Good Reasons to Store Contracts and Memberships in a Single Repository

Coordinating data and storing it in a single, distinct place has many advantages. In this article, we give you eight good reasons why you should consider using a single repository such as Couranto Clarity to store your subscription contracts and membership data.

Three Reasons Working with Couranto Improves the End User Experience

Couranto has been in the business of helping organizations manage complex information needs for decades. Our background empowers us with the expertise that supports your needs as an information expert – and this expertise also trickles down to the day-to-day information consumption experience of your users.

The Risks of Using Spreadsheets to Manage Subscription Agreements

In this article, we review the risks and limitations of using spreadsheets to manage subscription agreements. We also outline why Couranto Clarity is an easier and far more effective way to manage subscription agreements.

Inside Scoop with Business Insider

Business Insider is a global journalism company that covers the world of business, tech, innovation, and beyond. Couranto's partnership with Business Insider allows us to provide our clients with the most cost effective group licenses.

Elevate USA’s Training Makes Your Workforce Better – From C-Suite to Staff

Elevate USA – a training, consulting, and workforce management company recently added to Couranto’s catalog of offerings – Elevate is an industry leader in engaging training that proactively addresses harmful scenarios in the workplace

How to Use Couranto Clarity to Survey Users on Renewals and Other Topics

Couranto Clarity includes a polling function where you can easily send a real-time, fully-automated poll to your colleagues to get insight into their preferences about a specific information source – or any other question you may have. Let’s take a look.

How Couranto’s Expertise in Contracts and Pricing Reduces Your Costs

Licensing information involves highly complex terms with agreements that aren’t always easy to compare. Companies can fall into the trap of overpaying simply because of a lack of knowledge and limited transparency. This article examines how Couranto’s licensing expertise and insight into marketplace pricing can help reduce wasted expenditure.

Beware the “New Google” (And Much More)

In growing numbers, people take questions about healthcare, politics, or finding the best restaurants not to Google, but to TikTok, the short-form video platform. This month, a NewsGuard investigation revealed that such TikTok searches consistently feed false and misleading claims to users, most of whom are teens and young adults.

Avoid Copyright Claims by Licensing Music

Licensing music in 2022 can be expensive. A hassle. Complicated. The world is at your fingertips, but nothing seems clear – something as simple as using music in your content can cause legal headaches. Let’s talk about licensing, claiming, and how Epidemic Sound saves you trouble when you need music for your content.

Information Supplier Risk: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Stephen Phillips, Director, EMEA Business Development at Couranto, considers some of the challenges of managing supply chain risk faced by many information managers on a regular basis, which has become a significant undertaking for most organizations, and offers strategies for achieving a practical and proportionate approach that does not disrupt organizational priorities and deliverables.

Five Things I’ve Learned about Stakeholder Engagement

Knowing who your stakeholders are, and understanding their needs, are fundamental to the success of your information service. Doing those two things well takes effort and time, and is a continual learning process. The needs of stakeholders may change over time and who those key stakeholders are may also change. Denise Carter, Managing Director of DCision Consult, shares five key things she's learned about stakeholder engagement over the course of her 35 year career in information.

Using Couranto to Understand and Manage Information Spend

In this article we’ll outline how Couranto Clarity helps by providing both birds-eye and detailed views of your information spend. We’ll also show how Couranto helps you optimize your information budget to better meet your organization’s needs.

After Action Review - Realising the Value

In this article, After Action Review - realising the value, Claire Laybats, an independent consultant in the knowledge and information sector, former Head of Commercial Development at Jinfo and Head of Information and Knowledge consultancy at TFPL, explains how this well known and used tool in knowledge management often experiences challenges in realising its true value and looks at how use can be improved to give better results

What is Royalty-Free Music?

What is the definition of royalty-free music? This article summarizes what royalty-free music means, whether royalty-free music is free, why use royalty-free music, where to source royalty-free music and what the difference is between royalty-free music and direct licensing. Epidemic Sound, global MusicTech pioneer has democratized access to music for storytellers and content creators via an innovative direct license model and is on a mission to soundtrack the world. Lisa Cerny, Enterprise Account Executive at Epidemic Sound provides the leading broadcasters, media companies and brands access to restriction free music to help elevate their digital content and productions.

Creating the Next Major Shift in e-Libraries

The e-library has changed since it emerged in the 1990s. But what does a contemporary e- library look like? In this article, Couranto discusses how a modern e-library needs to, first and foremost, serve user needs. But we also outline why modern e-libraries need to be so much more. We explain the role of discoverability and user analytics – and outline how cutting-edge tech such as AP connectivity and AI is creating the next major shift in e-libraries.

Why We Need to Encourage Workplace Disclosure of Non-Visible Disabilities

Abstract: While one in four Americans are disabled, it’s not always obvious in the workplace as manydisabilities are not visible. When an employer and co-workers do not know about a colleague’s disability it can lead to a working environment that’s simply not friendly towards disabled workers – which means disabled workers don’t always participate fully in the workplace. In this article, we discuss the need to create an environment open for disclosure, and what companies can do to make it easy for people to talk about their disabilities so that needs can be accommodated.

What is Copyright and How Does it Work?

Everyone’s heard of the term copyright, but it’s worth taking a concise look at what copyright is, who it belongs to, and how it is assigned. This article also reviews what can be copyrighted, alongside a brief look at copyright infringement, and what is fair use.

Delivering Expert Content for Your Users

Researchers and decisionmakers in your organization are hungry for content that helps them meet their goals: content they can trust to be accurate, factual, and current in its field. Wiley works with leading professional societies, authors, and experts to unlock human potential by supporting knowledge seekers at all stages of their career. Our authors and societies share a commitment to furthering knowledge and driving educational and professional outcomes.

Post-Covid World and a Question of Boundaries

In the post-Covid world, employers and employees alike are scrambling to get a sense of control over their time and priorities. Employees want choice, employers want face time. Employers across the world are trying their best to balance what their employees want with what is good for the business. Can these two things co-exist or are they poles apart? And is there a way forward that might be a “win win” situation for everyone?

Addressing Information Pollution:An Action Plan for the Most Trusted Profession

“Information Pollution” is a relatively new term for an old problem: misinformation or disinformation. Stephen Phillips, Head of EMEA Business Development for Couranto, reflects on recent developments in the weaponizing of technology to develop and promote a false narrative and how Library and Information Professionals can battle this scourge. He asserts that, by taking some simple steps to enhance our own information literacy, as well as that of our clients and colleagues, we can raise awareness of this issue and preserve the trust and integrity of our profession.

Information Spend: Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog!

Stephen Phillips, EMEA Business Development Lead at Couranto, considers the issues associated with managing a broad portfolio of information products. These range from “mega vendors” to niche providers with their unique insights, workflow efficiencies and competitive edge.

The Future of Work: the Only Constant is Change

If governments are to be believed, the worst of the health crisis is behind us. Things are returning to normal and colleagues are getting back to the office, mostly on a hybrid basis.

Evidence is emerging that some are struggling to adapt to this change. Stephen Phillips, EMEA Business Development Lead at Couranto, reflects on Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ change curve” to explain what people may be going through.

Why working with certified diverse suppliers matters for your bottom line

In this article, I’ll touch upon a few key points to highlight why working with diverse suppliers is worth your while, and also explain why it’s important that organizations work with independently certified diverse suppliers rather than relying on self-certification.

Levelling up in Florence

Now that travel restrictions are being lifted, Paul J Corney, Immediate Past President of CILIP, discusses the importance of trusted social community spaces in light of this new virtual distributed working environment. To accommodate the social needs of an increasingly transient workforce, town centres need to provide more cultural hubs that used to be synonymous with libraries.

Why You Should Perform a Periodic Needs Assessment. And When. And How.

In this article, I’ll outline why I think that you need to consider a regular, deep review of your information needs and information partners alongside a few ideas on how you can conduct that review.

Making decisions: perfection is the enemy of progress

Decision making is an important skill for any manager or leader – particularly at critical inflection points in the life cycle of a business. How can we avoid agonizing, delaying and fruitless hindsight? Nikhil Damle, Catalyst Coach at Iridium Coaching and Learning, a Technology, Banking and Operations Enterprise Executive, discusses the psychology of decision-making and “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” plus other factors to consider when making timely and effective decisions.

Reflecting on the ‘Great Resignation’

Almost four million Americans quit their jobs in April 2021 as part of The Great Resignation, due in large part to the Pandemic. Claire Laybats, an independent consultant in the knowledge and information sector, former Head of Commercial Development at Jinfo and Head of Information and Knowledge consultancy at TFPL, discusses why this quitting en masse is occurring and what the future workforce landscape could look like moving forward.

Why you should consider a purpose-built information management portal

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous, and so has its benefits, but what’s sometimes missed is how a focused cloud tool can deliver a much better solution to a specific challenge. In this article, we outline why Couranto’s purpose-built information management portal delivers a much-needed, focused cloud solution for information management professionals.

3 Top Tips for Maximizing ROI on Your Information Management Processes

It has become increasingly crucial for organizations to improve their ROI across the information management spectrum, in order to maximize operations within a constantly changing business landscape. Nick Collison, Couranto’s Director of Library Support & Licensed Content Management and Hannah McCrory, Senior Marketing Executive at InfoDesk, discuss 3 top tips for improving ROI on information management processes, and how achieving this can lead to other wins for your business such as increased efficiency across your teams for now, and in the future.

Legacies of the Pandemic: Hybrid Working

Stephen Phillips writes, about the Pandemic and hybrid working. One trend has been to explore hybrid working. Whether this will endure remains to be seen, I contend that it will be a short term trend that will fall out of favor as other factors and forces define the working environment.

Changing Industry in Information Services

Simon Burton is Managing Director of CB Resourcing, the leading knowledge & information management recruiter in the UK. Simon is a Past President of SLA Europe, current Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP) as well as Adviser to Zapnito, a leading software platform used by many top business and science publishers.

I’m frequently asked for advice for those information professionals who have decided to apply their information skills within another industry.

What Does Couranto Do?

Couranto simplifies the complex processes of managing your information and data contracts. For our clients, we facilitate contracting and entitlements, leverage volume and benchmarks to improve pricing and terms, eliminate duplication and rogue purchases, consolidate vendor payments, expedite renewal surveys, and more.

Emotional Intelligence: The Process, The Application, and The End Result

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is one of the most critical indicators of success in life. Many experts believe that EQ is even more important than IQ, with emotional intelligence seen as a top quality in leadership.

Finding Good Data in Bad Sources

As an information professional I am confident I know how to source the right information to answer a client’s question.

Can Better Data Improve the Performance of Your Information Asset Portfolio?

Data driven decisions seems to be the latest trend and buzzword preoccupying the business press and industry leaders. A recent article in Forbes highlighted a number of compelling statistics:

Managing the Rising Costs of Global Business Intelligence; Putting Control of Business Intelligence in Your Hands

From business intelligence advancements and remote work capabilities secured by new cybersecurity advancements, every industry has felt the ramifications of events that have taken place in 2020 and 2021.

Reduce the Hidden Costs in Your Business Information Budget

There may be relics of the past looming in the background of your systems or subscriptions that are pulling away from your bottom line.

Data- Overhead or Investment?

Most information budgets are part investment, part overhead. Do you have the insights you need to manage the difference?

How to Manage 3% of Your Company's Costs

Couranto research indicates that, on average, organizations spend 3% of their annual revenues buying third party information. Are you capturing all that spend?

How the Pandemic has Changed the Values of Professional Communities

Nick Collison discusses one unforeseen impact of the pandemic: A shift toward humanistic values in professional community settings.

Integrating Couranto and SAP

Transforming data and information spend management with Couranto and SAP

Buying Information: The Perfect Storm

Stephen Phillips considers some of the opportunities and challenges of getting to grips with your organizations’ habits when it comes to buying third party information.

Pushing Past the Edge of Intelligence

Many information professionals are busier than ever, but are they focused on the right things? Stephen Phillips discusses perceptions of activities that add value.

Information Asset Analysis: Subtract Costs and Multiply Value for A Better ROI

Nick Collison discusses some of the opportunities he’s discovered leading Couranto’s Information Asset Analysis team.

Are Humans Underrated?

Nick Collison discusses how a failure to acknowledge human factors in content searches and service can result in higher costs without improving quality or productivity—or user engagement.

How Couranto Identifies Contract Duplication and Saves Money

Nick Collison describes how Couranto identified contract duplication for one client across regions and subsidiaries and put the licenses under one master agreement to save the client hundreds of thousands over the coming years.


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