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Pushing Past the Edge of Intelligence

Many information professionals are busier than ever, but are they focused on the right things? Stephen Phillips discusses perceptions of activities that add value.

Information Asset Analysis: Subtract Costs and Multiply Value for A Better ROI

Nick Collison discusses some of the opportunities he’s discovered leading Couranto’s Information Asset Analysis team.

Buying Information: The Perfect Storm

Stephen Phillips considers some of the opportunities and challenges of getting to grips with your organizations’ habits when it comes to buying third party information.


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New Features of the Couranto Clarity Data Explorer

The Couranto Clarity Data Explorer allows your business to maximize the value of your information with robust reporting features which other platforms lack.


2021 JoVE Librarian Innovation Award

We are humbled, proud and excited to announce that our platform, Couranto Clarity, and team member, Nick Collison, were part of a team that won the 2021 JoVE Librarian Innovation Award. ​​


Couranto Helps Clients Integrate Subscriptions into Their SAP System

Couranto gives SAP and Ariba users greater visibility and control over information-related spend, including subscriptions, content licenses, data resources, and contracts.