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Managing Automatic Renewal Subscriptions with Couranto Clarity

Couranto provides comprehensive subscription management platforms designed to provide control over an organization's subscriptions.

From streaming platforms to software tools, subscriptions offer convenience and functionality. But the ease of signing up often comes with the burden of managing multiple automatic renewals, leading to unwanted subscriptions and wasted time and money. Couranto Claritysm offers an efficient way to manage the risk of automatic renewal subscriptions and streamline renewal processes.

Couranto provides comprehensive subscription management platforms designed to provide control over an organization's subscriptions. Its interfaces enable users and managers to access, manage, analyze, and optimize their subscription landscape, fostering an environment where renewals are managed effortlessly.

One of the standout features of Couranto’s Clarity service lies in its centralized dashboard, which acts as a control center for all subscriptions. The dashboard includes a Risk Management screen on which administrators can monitor a variety of contract risks such as automatic renewal provisions, GDPR and PII privacy risks, contractor and subsidiary access risks, sharing and seat reassignment privileges, and other risks that might otherwise slip by us but can become costly violations which could have been readily avoided.

Automatic renewal subscriptions, while convenient, often lead to unnoticed renewals and unnecessary expenses resulting in unpleasant budget surprises. Even if you do intend to renew, an unexpected renewal precludes your ability to assess usage and right-size the contract, renegotiate terms to your advantage, allocate costs across multiple workgroups or subsidiaries, and take other steps that you might otherwise have considered.

Couranto addresses this challenge in several ways such as…

Working with publishers to remove auto renewal provisions as requested by clients, wherever possible,

Providing timely reports (for example, “All contracts with March auto renewal deadlines, filtered for selected budget codes, sorted by contract administrator, listing seated users”),

Sending timely notifications to all contract administrators prior to auto renewal deadlines,

Polling users globally to survey user satisfaction and intention to renew, and

Empowering administrators in general to take a proactive approach to make informed decisions, preventing accidental renewals and potential overspending.

Moreover, Couranto’s Clarity analytics tools offer insights into subscription usage and adoption rates. By analyzing these metrics, organizations can identify underutilized subscriptions or duplicates, enabling them to optimize their subscription portfolio. This not only saves costs but also ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, aligning subscriptions with actual needs.

The platform's user-friendly interface further contributes to time efficiency. Navigating through the dashboard is intuitive, and actions such as canceling or modifying subscriptions and entitlements are straightforward. Clarity's streamlined process minimizes the time spent on managing subscriptions, allowing administrators and users to focus on more strategic tasks crucial for business growth.

For busy professionals, time is invaluable. Couranto Clarity recognizes this and offers integrations with calendars and task management tools. This integration syncs publishers notification deadlines and renewal dates with existing workflows, ensuring that subscription management becomes an inherent part of daily operations. Consequently, users are alerted well in advance, preventing last-minute rushes or missed renewals.

Couranto Clarity doesn't just focus on managing subscriptions; it also promotes accountability and transparency within organizations. By assigning roles and permissions to team members, administrators can delegate responsibilities while maintaining oversight. This ensures that subscription management becomes a collaborative effort, eliminating the risk of unchecked renewals or unauthorized purchases.

In conclusion, Couranto Clarity stands out as an indispensable tool for managing automatic renewal subscriptions. By offering a consolidated view, proactive notifications, analytics-driven insights, and seamless integration, it transforms subscription management from a time-consuming chore to an efficient and controlled process. With Couranto, individuals and organizations alike can reclaim their valuable time, redirecting their focus towards more critical tasks while optimizing their subscription expenditures.

Courano is a WBENC and Disability:iN certified diverse company with more than 30 years experience in corporate information contract management, Couranto serves clients globally with strategic programs that maximize the value of information portfolios by reducing costs while improving access to licensed content, data resources, intellectual property, corporate memberships and related contracts. Couranto’s Discovery and Clarity platforms provide custom-configured end-to-end information access, budget planning and license management tools. Built on deep expertise and a long history of client successes, Couranto solutions add value to your information and help drive innovation throughout your organization, creating enduring impact.

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Dave Rifkin

David Rifkin

Executive Vice President, Chief Client Officer

David Rifkin, Couranto’s EVP and Chief Client Officer, is a corporate leader and communications expert who’s spent the past 35 years successfully helping clients evaluate, manage, consolidate and reduce costs on third party information and data sources.