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Publisher negotiations

Couranto's publisher negotiations will help reduce your costs

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Bring more leverage to the bargaining table

Don’t wait until your subscriptions are up for renewal to learn how you can improve your pricing.

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10,000 publishers across industries

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Reduce costs and improve terms

Benchmark your spend against best practices and identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve your terms.

  • Right-size your information portfolio with clear insight into your actual spend and usage
  • Reduce costs with broad benchmarks across industries
  • Discover new and innovative ways to connect your people to the information they need

Leverage our cross-industry expertise

Alleviate administrative burden by reducing the time required to gather usage data and identify alternatives. Our team does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Our experienced team will negotiate the most favorable publisher terms
  • We have built relationships with leading vendors across sectors
  • Our interests are aligned so you get the best outcomes

The impact of publisher negotiations

A legacy of best practices

Our experienced team understands the content relevant to your industry and maintains relationships with publishers in your field. We work with your key stakeholders and publishers to implement best practices.

Improve your pricing

We work with you to review your enterprise, global, regional, and group licenses to determine if you can qualify for better pricing—even if your contract is not yet up for renewal.

Whatever form your information takes—simplified

We build and maintain relationships with relevant data and content suppliers, so we can help you manage not only licenses, but also memberships, market data, research, and more.

No such thing as one-size-fits-all

We ensure you're contracted for the right number of users, in the right regions, with the right terms and conditions, to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Our publisher negotiations platform

Usage analytics that empower you to negotiate better and make smarter decisions.

Management benefits

We bring a strategic mindset to publisher negotiations, so you can bring organization and order to your spend management.

Reporting flexibility

Understand your usage and gain unparalleled insight into the value of various information assets across the entire organization.

Dave Rifkin

Our clients inspire us. Our aim is to provide solutions for pressing strategic needs and build mutually beneficial relationships, so we can grow with those needs over time.

David Rifkin
EVP, Chief Client Officer

Our leadership team

When we advocate for you, we get results

12% average negotiated savings

10,000+ publishers