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Delivering Expert Content for Your Users

Researchers and decision makers in your organization are hungry for content: content that drives their research forward, content that helps them approach a problem in a new way, content that helps them set evidence-based policies. For that, they need not just any content – they need content that they can trust to be accurate, factual, and current in its field.

But how do you evaluate the quality of content? Relying on bibliometrics alone as a proxy for quality can be fraught; and every digital consumer knows that online reviews and star ratings can be easily manipulated. True quality measures are often something less quantifiable.

At Wiley, the quality of our content has long been central to the way we do business. Our teams focus on developing quality output across all of our content publishing programs.

A mission-driven commitment to quality

One way we ensure quality content in the research space is by partnering with some of the world’s leading professional societies and scholarly associations. As the world’s largest society publisher, Wiley leans on the value that learned societies bring to the publishing process: a mission-driven commitment to not only the quality of their content, but the quality of research in their discipline overall.

Societies often set the standards of excellence for their discipline in research, writing, and education, and many longstanding associations uphold a rich heritage and tradition of attracting and gathering scientists at the forefront of their fields. Society backing for a journal helps ensure it can attract the best minds in the field for roles on editorial boards and for contributions to peer review.

Leading societies who partner with Wiley include the American Geophysical Union, the German Chemical Society, the American Cancer Society, Chemistry Europe, the British Psychological Society, and more.

Authoritative partnerships

In the test preparation space, we partner with certification and accreditation organizations to deliver official study guides for key educational and professional examinations. “Official” guides are those endorsed by the test developer and administrator. Our publishing team partners with GMAC, (ISC)², CFA Institute, and other organizations to deliver official study resources for examinees across business, technology, finance, and more.

Expert authors in business and beyond

In the business space, sought-after speakers like Jon Gordon and Patrick Lencioni work with Wiley to develop books with clear messages for business leaders and their teams. Wiley also partners with the team behind The Leadership Challenge and innovative Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion experts like Amber Cabral and Jason R. Thompson to deliver end-user guides, facilitator training, and assessment tools to help organizations build a culture of leadership and inclusiveness.

Why leading organizations and authors work with Wiley

Why do leading societies, authors, and organizations partner with Wiley? Because quality is our focus not only in our product offerings, but also in the relationships we foster with authors and partners.

Our publishing teams build deep relationships built on trust and respect. Publishing teams work with partners to ensure that our publishing strategy meets the needs of their unique organization and audience.

We continuously assess the experience we provide through research, and use those insights to drive continuous improvement. Our most recent survey of society partners indicates that strong support services, staff, and long-lasting, positive relationships with Wiley are key reasons that societies feel very satisfied in working with us. Book authors say that the strength of Wiley’s brand and positive past experiences with Wiley are top reasons that influence their choice to publish with us. Three-quarters of book authors surveyed indicate they are “likely” or “very likely” to publish with us again.

What does this mean for you? It means your organization and your users can trust Wiley to deliver high-quality, authoritative content from leading experts across a variety of publishing categories – research, business, test preparation, and more. Our mission is to unlock human potential for learners at every stage of their journey. How can our content help your users succeed?

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Greta Boonen

Associate Director of Market Development & Agent Relations, Wiley

Greta Boonen is Associate Director of Market Development & Agent Relations for Wiley’s Research program. With over two decades of experience selling scientific, medical, and technical content, Greta currently manages relationships with Wiley sales partners around the world to support the reach of Wiley’s book and journal reference portfolio.