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We have experience in your industry

We apply best practices from your sector and the information industry to help you work better, faster, and smarter.

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Solving strategic challenges

With 30 years of experience, we provide both keen guidance and technical know-how. We bring a strategic mindset to information management, which enables us to partner with diverse industries to add value and inspire insight.

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The power of personal relationships

Our ongoing relationships with publishers and deep knowledge of industry content in your business sector ensures that you achieve the greatest value and efficiency from your information.

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Pharmaceutical & Life Science

No matter how your licenses are structured, our subject matter expertise stretches across more than two thousand scientific, research, and data suppliers including specialized content, syndicated data, market research and SaaS services. Our scientific portfolio includes Clarivate, Elsevier, Wiley, Springer Nature, DRG, DRE, BenchSci, STAT!Ref, TriNetX and more.

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In today's hyper-decentralized environments, it is vital to simplify access to shared information and create user communities while controlling spend and allocating costs. Couranto gets you the greatest value from your information spend. Our tech portfolio includes Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Statistica, IHS Markit, and more.

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Automotive & Aerospace

With independent divisions, benchmarking the terms of your information, data, and licenses is essential. We'll help you manage recurring spend — and improve the value of your information assets across all departments including trend analysis, engineering, R&D, finance and global communications. Our publisher relations portfolio includes IEEE, Janes, Wood Mackenzie, Statistica, Elsevier, Trend Hunter and others.



The manufacturing industry has been under pressure to reduce expenses while improving quality, and Couranto can help. From automotive to electronics and industrial products, manufacturers deploy the Couranto information hub to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Couranto has built long-lasting relationships with industry partners like IHS, ASME, IEEE, Dartna, Cutter Consortium, Elsevier, Informa, IDC, and Forrester.

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Professional Services

Offer greater control and direct access to the data, research, and content your professionals need to flourish. With Couranto, you'll have administrative and advisory support to streamline processes and create user communities that maximize the effective value of your information spend. We have longstanding productive relationships with Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis, Law 360, Wolters Kluwer, Wiley, BNA, Thomson Reuters, FASB, AICPA, LexisNexis, CCH, Bloomberg Law, Association of Corporate Counsel, Law Business Research, and more.

Banking Financial

Banking & Financial

With access spread across thousands of users, digital sprawl gets complicated. Reduce maverick spend and control compliance from one platform, managing data access, book orders, association memberships and more. We have strong relationships with all the financial publishers and aggregators including Dow Jones, FT, Bloomberg, Factiva, Informa, LexisNexis, TR1, Factset, Infodesk and Alphasense.

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Empower your information professionals, with better access to reports, data, research, and actionable content. When teams operate independently across regions, Couranto can unite your information and create user communities to inform better decisions. Our portfolio of publishers and associations includes not only Dow Jones and FT but also APQC, Bloomberg, Factiva, Informa, LexisNexis, TR1, Factset, Alphasense and many more.



To build actionable insights, your information specialists, researchers and consultants must access and manipulate data, licenses, and resources quickly without tedious and time-consuming tasks. The Couranto Clarity platform helps you gain the greatest value and efficiency from your information assets, so your team works better, faster, smarter. Our publisher portfolio of thousands includes Thomson Reuters, PLI, Mergermarket US Ltd, Competition Policy International, Portfolio Media Inc., Copyright Clearance and more.

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Your creative and business teams need quick, convenient access to information. From digital content and multi-lingual publications, information exchange fuels dialog between user groups. Our clients order WWD, Trend Hunter, WSGN, Mintel, NPD, Footwear News, as well as all the popular titles like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harpers, GQ, and more, digital and in print.

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Advertising & PR

With ready access to digital and print content as well as licenses and memberships, Couranto helps inspire creatives and streamline decision-making and budgeting, simplify client and cost allocations, and consolidate publisher payments. Our clients' publisher portfolio includes Campaign UK and US, Communication Arts, AdAge, PRWeek, PR News,Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Politico, Statistica, TR1, Pearson, Crains, CISION and more.

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Entertainment & Film

Your creatives and business managers need to see the material that's available to them and know how to get at it. Fueling information exchange across departments, Couranto will help you provide content to your teams, streamline decision-making, improve budgeting, simplify cost allocations, and consolidate publisher payments. We maintain strong working relationships with your industry publishers including Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Billboard, Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News, Polecat Intelligence and thousands of popular consumer titles that inspire creative storylines.

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As we navigate global changes to the publishing industry, you'll appreciate the convenience of managing distributed users and administrators, accessing decentralized information sources, and enjoying a unified view of all of your data contracts, licenses, and publications through one customized information discovery platform. Let us put our experience to work for you, with Publishers Weekly, NexisLexis, Thomson, Factiva, Forrester, Dow Jones and others.

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Utilities & Energy

With Couranto you'll consolidate duplicate collections, facilitate information sharing, enable collaboration through information-based communities, and streamline budget management. Gain control and unify access to all of the content your people need, while enjoying strong administrative and advisory support. Our portfolio includes Platts, Argus, Refinitiv, CAS, S&P Global Market Intelligence, and more.

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Think Tanks

Give your professionals single-click access to digital content, scientific and market data, and domestic and international journals. Fuel information exchange by creating interest communities and dialog between global user groups. Couranto enables all this, while streamlining decision-making, facilitating budgeting and allocations, and consolidating publisher payments. We maintain strong, productive relationships with thousands of publishers domestically and overseas, in virtually every business sector, and we can put that experience to work for you.

Non Profit

Non-Profit & Public Policy

Couranto enables every organization to maintain accurate and complete records to run their business efficiently, whether for profit or not. Going beyond simple record keeping, Couranto’s experienced professionals can help you establish an effective data-management plan customized to your unique needs. Our non-profit and public policy portfolio includes Fletcher Forum, American Economic Association, State House News Service, Politico, S&P, Platts, American Nuclear Society, Taylor & Francis, Wolters Kluwer, University of Chicago Press, MIT Press Journals, Elsevier, Springer.

Emerging Industries

Emerging Industries

In every industry, businesses and their teams need content acquisition and access to data to stay on top of changes. As emerging spaces shift and use these insights to fuel action, Couranto's business expertise can help with information consolidation, improved usage analytics, and reduced costs. Couranto supports content types that include books, eBooks, digital/electronic databases & media, expert networks, memberships, intellectual property rights & licensing, SaaS, and subscriptions.

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