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What Does Couranto Do?

Couranto simplifies the complex processes of managing your information and data contracts. For our clients, we facilitate contracting and entitlements, leverage volume and benchmarks to improve pricing and terms, eliminate duplication and rogue purchases, consolidate vendor payments, expedite renewal surveys, and more. We shoulder the tedious tasks of managing data contracts throughout the year so you and your colleagues can focus on higher-value work internally while cutting costs. Here are just nine of the 12 steps we take to deliver the greatest value to our clients:

Engage - By communicating openly and effectively with stakeholders and users, Couranto professionals work to understand users' needs, objectives and priorities so that the best sources are chosen, and the contracting process moves forward smoothly. We do the same with vendors to understand their own requirements and objectives, enabling us to coordinate the purchasing process most effectively.

Discover - After researching and analyzing total spend by stakeholder, by workgroup, by division, region and even across subsidiaries, we work with budget owners to develop a clear view of the market and the information options available for the company.

Validate - We work closely with administrators and budget owners to assess current contracts relative to stakeholder needs and usage patterns, to ensure user needs are met, and maximize value of the information budget.

Consolidate - Couranto helps to identify and consolidate duplicate contracts across workgroups and subsidiaries, as well as multiple contracts with a single vendor, to place them under one umbrella -- enabling clients to leverage scale spending and achieve cost savings.

Negotiate - Through Couranto’s experience, expertise, benchmark data and strong industry relations, we are able to secure our clients the best negotiated terms -- not only for reduced pricing, but to improve upon multiple aspects of the vendor agreement to best meet client requirements and priorities.

Contract - Our professionals work with client and vendor representatives including procurement, legal and budget owners to facilitate the contracting process. We manage thoroughly to ensure the specific needs of all parties are met, that the contracting workflow is followed correctly, and that all agreements are consolidated and reference the correct MSA.

Pay - We provide a time-saving easy solution for vendor payments. Instead of managing hundreds of vendor invoices, our clients issue payments to a single (diversity certified) vendor. In turn, we issue payments to publishers, allocate costs across workgroups (even multiple currencies as required), and your team can view all invoice details in one convenient location within the Couranto portal.

Deploy - Working closely with clients and vendors, including IT, we can implement and coordinate single sign-on, seat entitlements, notifications and technical support to ensure that authorized users have access, block unauthorized usage and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Distribute - We help our client admins and users function more efficiently and effectively by providing a managed “information hub” for ready, fingertip access to all their available content. No more wasting time searching for content and user credentials, no more duplicate orders because one group didn’t know about another’s enterprise license, no more time-wasting queries about where to log into a contracted account.

Report - Couranto’s powerful reporting tools help clients better understand their spend and facilitate planning in preparation for each renewal cycle. Data is provided in both overview and detailed formats. Your contracts can be filtered, grouped and sorted by virtually any field -- even on the fly -- to manage your information assets and budgets, assess data usage and category spending, and quantify the effectiveness of your information budget.