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information platform

Give your colleagues ready access to licensed information, market data, subscriptions, corporate memberships and more. Couranto empowers your team, frees your administrators, adds value for users, and inspires information-based communities.

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Maximize the value of your information

At Couranto, we ensure that your people have the right information exactly at the right time—because that’s when innovation strikes.

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Our solutions

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Gain control of your company’s digital sprawl by simplifying your subscriptions and licensed content into one intelligently managed portfolio.

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By combining expertise with usage analytics, we demystify the negotiating process so you can get benchmarked pricing across industries.

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Information asset consultation

We perform an information analysis so you can get the perspective you need to align internally, eliminate redundancies, and make better, faster decisions.

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information hub

Every company, every information center is unique. We work with you to craft a customizable hub that’s tailored to your team.

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Our platform

Couranto Clarity is a customizable, end-to-end information, contract, and license management solution. Designed to help companies like yours increase insights, offer access, cut costs, and mitigate risks, we provide teams with perspective and control over every aspect of their content.

Get enlightened

We consolidate a diverse array of resources for your team, so they can surface the perfect insight they need.

Integrate effortlessly

Couranto Clarity seamlessly integrates with enterprise procurement systems like Ariba, SAP, Oracle, Coupa, PeopleSoft, and more.

Minimize risk

Streamline digital licensed content, improve your company’s compliance, and renegotiate your renewal terms.

Cut costs

We work with you to review your global, regional, and group licenses to determine if you can qualify for better terms—even if your contract is not yet up for renewal.

Our expertise

Built on over 30 years of experience in the information industry, our solutions inspire insight across your entire organization. Because information leads to innovation.

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Across industries, information is the strongest currency

When ideas flow freely, you fuel a culture of creativity and impact. From providing scientists with critical research, to equipping designers with creative suites, we're here to ignite big ideas.

Our industry expertise

If you want to go from good to great, you have to connect your people with the information they need to win. With Couranto, you can eliminate the friction of sharing information.

Unfettered access to critical information sparks more than individual moments of brilliance—it creates enduring value for the whole organization.

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Featured Insights

How Couranto Identifies Contract Duplication and Saves Money

Nick Collison describes how Couranto identified contract duplication for one client across regions and subsidiaries and put the licenses under one master agreement to save the client hundreds of thousands over the coming years.

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