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Information Management with Clarity

Simplify your information portfolio with Couranto

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Information management solution as unique as your company

Optimize your information stack with Couranto. Consolidate your licenses, compare and optimize your vendor contracts, right-size your terms and combine regions to leverage your spend and maximize the value of your budget. Then, provide convenient access to all your resources, for all your users and stakeholders, through a consolidated information gateway.

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10,000 information vendors

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Say goodbye to overspending on information

Consolidate vendors, right-size your licenses, and significantly reduce costs on many of your multi-user and enterprise content licenses.

  • Order, access, manage, budget, and renew all of your information assets in one place
  • Gain comprehensive visibility into spend across your organization
  • Understand real-time usage of assets to ensure appropriate purchasing

Unify your subscription management

Gain control of your company's licenses, data, publications, digital content, and even ad hoc reports.

  • Easy to use centralized platform and easy access to customer support
  • Access reports with convenient filters and sorts, displayed in tabular and graphic formats for easy analyses
  • Enable information sharing within your organization

The impact of better information management

A customized information portal

Reduce the burden of managing hundreds of suppliers. One portal with administrator and user privileges to simplify managing your publications, licenses, market data, professional memberships, and more.

Agile analysis and essential understanding

Couranto gives you the tools and insight you need: usage, resource comparisons, spend reports, user notifications, renewal polling, payment consolidation, budget cross-charging, and more.

Everything in one place

Store all your license contracts, terms and conditions, vendor and stakeholder contact information, license amendments, compliance and legal review, and other documents in a single, secure, online repository.

Identify and reduce contract risks

Store and manage critical risks like automatic renewals, cancellation policies, publisher obligations, seat reassignments, governing law and more. Reduce and control your contract risks across hundreds of suppliers.

Allocate costs across budgets, even companies

Allocate contract costs across multiple subsidiaries, regions, workgroups, even users. Prepare “scratchpad” budgets and export for approval, then cross-charge and Couranto will invoice accordingly.

Assign administrators for any contracts

Assign administrators for each contract and choose from Corporate or from any subsidiary or region. Efficiently manage agreements and licenses across groups, regions and budgets.

A tailored information portal

Reduce the burden of managing hundreds of suppliers. One portal with administrator and user privileges to simplify managing your publications, licenses, market data, professional memberships, and more.

The staff and support you need

Organizations of all types struggle to find the right information management professionals. Couranto’s dedicated team enhances your capabilities. We can load contracts, store required information and terms, coordinate users and publishers, manage seats and more, so your team can focus on adding value.

Our information management platform

Fully-customizable to your technical and reporting needs.

Management benefits

We bring a strategic mindset to information management, which enables us to partner with leaders and teams across organizations to add value and inspire insight. ​

  • Order, approve, cancel, transfer, extend, renew and pay, all through one platform
  • Store, search, and reassign seats and journals across criteria
  • Connect associated holdings to discourage users from ordering redundant copies of available assets
  • Store and search contracts in a centralized repository
  • Allocate costs across multiple groups or users at any time

Reporting flexibility

Obtain insight into statistics and usage patterns, identify ways to charge departments based on usage, and view regional reporting.

  • Reports are user-adjustable, user-level sensitive, and downloadable, with settings saved for ready sharing and re-use
  • Graphical and tabular usage statistics including cost per click
  • All analytics are date range selectable for snapshot and trend analyses
  • Run and access reports 24/7
Dave Rifkin

We see all of our relationships through a long-term lens because we know enduring value comes from genuine, collaborative partnerships that are built over time.

David Rifkin
Executive Vice President, Chief Client Officer

Managing your information has a big impact

30 to 3,000 information sources managed per client organization

12% average negotiated savings