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Custom information hub

Let information inspire innovation with Couranto's Discovery information hub

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A customized dashboard for fueling business intelligence

Centralize your resources into one customizable hub that will make your information assets more valuable and more accessible than ever before.

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10,000 publishers across industries

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An empowerment tool for knowledge managers

This is a new and invaluable tool for knowledge managers that increases the value your information assets bring to all of your teams.

  • Enable users to quickly and easily access the information they need
  • Facilitate self-service options for information access so you can dedicate your time to high-value projects

A hub that reflects each user

Couranto Discovery is a custom information hub that is responsive to each user who accesses it, surfacing the most relevant information for their role.

  • Give your teams easy access to the information assets that will give them unique insight
  • Simplify sharing information assets to streamline collaboration and drive innovation

Intuitive user experience

We work with your team to create a customized and user-friendly home for your information. Your people need easy access to all of your information resources, imagine if it was all in one place.

  • Our platform is designed with information managers in mind
  • Centralize management of distributed information and data sources

The Couranto Discovery Platform

Customizable to your technical and reporting needs.

Management benefits

Through one custom information hub, your team has unified access to information—and on the back end, you have easy management and reporting tools.

Reporting flexibility

Obtain insight into statistics and usage patterns, identify ways to charge departments based on usage, and view regional reporting.

Julie Auslander

Great ideas need the right environment to thrive. We create the easiest pathway possible for innovation to strike by increasing access and removing friction around information.

Julie Auslander
President, Chief Cultural Officer

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Easy access to your unique information

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