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Consolidate your subscriptions and data assets into one intelligently managed portfolio

Managed well, information drives innovation.

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Information management

Reduce the costs of your information assets, improve the administrator and end-user experience, make it easier for your users to find the information they need and put it to good use.

  • Stretch your budget while covering your bases
  • Reduce administrative lift across usage, renewals, seat management, and budget allocation
  • Simplify the process for buying a variety of curated data with consolidated payments and more
  • Increase the value you deliver to your organization

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Publisher negotiations

Couranto benchmarks license costs across industries, then adds experience, expertise and usage analytics to bring a strong professional presence to the negotiating process. Publishers appreciate Couranto’s role, providing our clients with an average of 12% budget cost reductions.

  • Bring more influence to the bargaining table
  • Ease internal conversations around spend and budget
  • Confirm your contracts are right-sized and fairly priced
  • Consolidate and reduce duplication with no loss of access

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Information asset analysis

Gain insights and perspective you can use to align internally, compare the most effective sources, eliminate redundancies, and make confident budget decisions.

  • Find ways to optimize spend, improve efficiency, and reduce risk
  • Gain a shared understanding of specific commodities across departments
  • Easy access to better information and insights about your area
  • Get insight on access and usage data across internal teams

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Centralized Information Hub

Every company’s information portfolio is unique. We work with you and your stakeholders to craft a customizable hub that’s tailored to your teams.

  • An information landing page that's easily adaptable to your users’ needs
  • A cloud-hosted system that behaves differently based on each user
  • Future-proofed for any new module, plug-in, or resource you require
  • An empowerment tool to help your teams identify and access information resources more readily

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Effortless integration

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with enterprise procurement systems like Ariba, SAP, Oracle, Coupa, PeopleSoft, and more.

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Couranto solutions in action

Simplify access for better, faster decisions

Couranto consolidates access to thousands of financial information resources. What was once an arduous search becomes streamlined and intuitive.

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Faster access to research and data will speed the next breakthrough.

Couranto facilitates access to thousands of information, research and data resources. What was once an arduous search is now streamlined and intuitive.

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Actuaries and investors depend on fast access to current data

Give them ready access. Reduce search time, display all your company’s data licenses with a single click. Enable your professionals to be even more productive.

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Access to information will inspire your creatives

Give them ready access. Reduce search time, share the host of resources your creatives can use to generate creative storylines. Help your creative teams thrive.

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Working with us

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Our powerful solutions are only possible because of our people. When you partner with us, you deepen your bench with our bright, supportive team and their unparalleled experience. We're a force multiplier, anticipating your needs and amplifying your value. ​

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