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Elevate USA’s Training Makes Your Workforce Better – From C-Suite to Staff

Emily faces a dilemma

As the lead software engineer overseeing a team tasked with a critical new release, she suspects that John, a junior developer recently hired onto the team, is taking credit for her ideas. When John begins receiving accolades from the director for his innovative thinking, Emily, feeling undervalued, confronts John during a team meeting. John pushes back on Emily's accusations, leading to a heated confrontation that poisons the team culture – suddenly the entire project is in jeopardy.

This common scenario plays out every day across millions of workplaces around the world.

Left unchecked, it can cause delays, employee turnover, and the loss of critical institutional knowledge that can lead to a crisis of competency.

The only preventative is to invest in your people

Elevate USA – a training, consulting, and workforce management company recently added to Couranto’s catalog of offerings – is an industry leader in engaging training that proactively addresses harmful scenarios like the EEO conflict brewing between Emily and John.

We teach your workforce to be better and more satisfied in all aspects of their work.

With a wide-ranging catalog of training, coaching, and assessment programs, we can provide soft and technical skills training in 150+ topics in the following categories:

  • Administrative Skills

  • Behavior and Leadership Assessments

  • Change Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Computer Skills

  • Conflict and Stress Management

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Health and Human Services

  • Human Resources Law

  • Implicit Bias

  • Presentation Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Project Management

  • Public-Sector Compliance

  • Time Management Skills

  • Writing Skills

Elevate USA has a global reach with 80+ subject matter experts (SMEs) based around the world. Our roster draws from a selection of expertise that is broad and deep including military veterans with Secret and Top-Secret clearances, IT professionals, former attorneys, university lecturers, mental health professionals, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, salespeople, compliance officers, and more.

We beat internal and big training company offerings

Every experience is calibrated to the workplace culture of the participants to ensure the knowledge is relevant and accessible. We believe learning is a lifelong process that not only adds value to the company, but the person being trained as well.

Training with us is memorable, actionable, and fun!

Here are some real-world reactions from attendees of EEO training presented with the solution to Emily and John’s problem:

“Even though I think my manager will retaliate against me for speaking my mind, I have to share my feelings with her. I have to put my fear of her being confrontational aside and gently let her know that some of her tactics are intimidating, passive aggressive, and bullying in nature.”

“Always reiterate fairness and respect in the workplace. Sometimes we just get burned out or get into our day-to-day tasks and these trainings are great to remind ourselves to be mindful of our actions.”

“A complexity of perspectives needs to be considered.”

“Nice points on confidentiality when talking with staff in ‘open door policy’. Appreciated the ADA discussion and involvement of EEO resources vs. trying to solve directly as a manager when it is not our role.”

Look for us in the Couranto catalog under the vendor name Elevate

Whatever your need, we have the answer.

Recipients of our training become smarter, more satisfied, and better prepared to meet the mundane and extraordinary challenges of their job.

From off-the-shelf to completely customized offerings, we have the capability to empower, engage, and elevate your workforce.

Courano is a WBENC and Disability:iN certified diverse company with more than 30 years experience in corporate information contract management, Couranto serves clients globally with strategic programs that maximize the value of information portfolios by reducing costs while improving access to licensed content, data resources, intellectual property, corporate memberships and related contracts. Couranto’s Discovery and Clarity platforms provide custom-configured end-to-end information access, budget planning and license management tools. Built on deep expertise and a long history of client successes, Couranto solutions add value to your information and help drive innovation throughout your organization, creating enduring impact.

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Information About the Author

Zach Engel

Zach Engel

Vice President, Elevate USA

Zack Engel is Vice President of Elevate USA where he has worked with a dedicated team for over 15 years to bring innovative and engaging workforce training solutions to private, public, and non-profit sectors all over the world.