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View Data Better with Advanced Sorting Feature

When it comes to managing data and content licenses, many organizations have difficulties filtering, sorting and finding the key information they need to efficiently control budgets and entitlements.

Our Clarity users provided us with valuable feedback regarding the ways to add sorting functionality to best meet their business needs.

Recognizing this challenge, Couranto has created powerful tools within its Clarity Data Explorer platform to enhance your ability to quickly find and easily manipulate information to gain actionable insights and improved controls.

The Couranto Clarity Manager's "quicksort" function organizes data based on virtually any field. Now, administrators and users can quickly sort their information, for example, ascending or descending on:

  • Contract value

  • Renewal date

  • Contract name

  • Signatories

  • Vendor/publisher

  • License type (Enterprise, Regional, IP, Seated, Tokens)

  • Currency

  • Subsidiary, region or workgroup

  • User(s)

  • Cost per user

  • Holdings

  • Renewal decision

  • Additional fields, including custom ad hoc fields

Sorting is controlled right in your Clarity Manager toolbar. There are three convenient buttons located on the toolbar, and you can find the sorting feature listed in the center. Now, Couranto's sorting tool affords you the flexibility to easily manage large amounts of information without having to spend an extensive amount of time to find the details you actually want.