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Eliminate Challenging Cross-Charges with Couranto

Businesses today are faced with many challenges. Organizational costs are rising, staffing is limited, operations are complex, and the list goes on. Your company needs to adopt new processes and methods to improve efficiency and operate effectively.

Couranto’s allocation table, a new feature in the Clarity Data Explorer, does just that, enabling companies to easily cross-charge internally for a license that’s paid by multiple cost centers -- even globally -- permitting license consolidation between workgroups and subsidiaries. This feature streamlines operations and saves time by eliminating internal forms and complicated procedures. Just provide information about the amount that should be charged, the subsidiary or cost center, and the point of contact; we add this information with the appropriate cost to the user carts for processing and invoicing, and then consolidate the payment to the vendor.

Make your business life easier than ever with Couranto. You don't have to worry about multiple approvals or purchase orders because we'll take care of the difficult work for you. All you need to do is provide us with an itemized list of what should be allocated to which cost center, and we'll do the rest. Whether you're looking for approval from your budget owner or are ready to make a purchase order, Couranto will help simplify your life. The allocation table makes operations a breeze by allowing organizations to save tremendous time and eliminates the obstacles faced with cross charging and worrying about what truly matters, your business.