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cSubs Becomes Couranto

Information management technology and service provider cSubs has revealed a new brand identity and name: Couranto. The change reflects the company’s growth and evolving offering that maximizes the value of users’ information, beyond subscriptions.

Fort Lauderdale, FL February 17 – cSubs, the information management technology and service innovator, revealed a new brand image and name change to Couranto.

Founded in 1986, Corporate Subscription Services helped clients save money on periodicals and books, by managing corporate subscriptions and negotiating with publishers for better rates. After its acquisition in 2003, the founders relaunched the company as cSubs, refocusing from traditional subscriptions to managing digital information services.

Today, cSubs' rebrand to Couranto marks another milestone, reflecting the company’s growth and ever-evolving offering.

By combining 35 years of expertise with powerful, fully customizable, and unique technology, Couranto brings their clients’ information management practices to a new age by streamlining the sourcing, management and access to all forms of information assets and third-party intellectual property, including:

  • Data resources

  • Licensed intellectual content

  • Contracts

  • Subscriptions

  • And memberships

David Rifkin, Couranto’s EVP and chief client officer, explained:

“From days past managing simple newspaper and journal subscriptions, to our current work navigating the complexities of digital licenses for multinational companies and mitigating risk across an increasingly dynamic data landscape, we continuously evolve to align with our clients’ business goals.”

Along with its new brand name the company is expanding globally, with an initial focus on Europe. Couranto recently appointed Stephen Phillips to the position of Director of EMEA Business Development. Based in London, Stephen is a senior figure in the UK and European information management industry. In his new role, he will drive Couranto’s ongoing expansion beyond its existing partnerships with key clients and suppliers.

“Couranto has evolved to provide an impressive suite of capabilities, partnering with clients to manage their information product portfolio; from strategic sourcing, contract negotiation to ongoing inventory management. Our systems work seamlessly across the enterprise, creating an integrated platform to proactively manage these assets and drive our clients' return on investment," said Phillips.

About Couranto

Couranto provides fully customizable, end-to-end information, data contract and license management solutions.

Its strategic solutions maximize the value of clients' information spend, reducing costs while streamlining access to subscriptions, data resources, intellectual licenses and contracts.

Built on 35 years of corporate expertise, their solutions create insights that help build information-centric user communities within organizations to inspire innovation and ensure an enduring impact.