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Transitioning from Print to Online: Streamlining Subscriptions and Saving Costs


Transitioning from Print to Online: Streamlining Subscriptions and Saving Costs

This case study examines the challenges faced by a global corporate communications company receiving numerous printed publications at their closed offices, and the successful solution provided by Couranto. By leveraging technology and effective communication, Couranto facilitated the conversion of print subscriptions to online delivery while streamlining the subscription management process. This resulted in significant cost savings for the client and ensured that their employees continued to receive essential business information irrespective of their locations.


In an increasingly digital and remote-worker world, businesses must adapt to new technologies and methods to streamline their operations. This case study focuses on a client who encountered a significant problem due to the closure of their offices but still had thousands of printed publications being delivered. Couranto, a leading subscription management company, was engaged to address this issue and find an efficient solution.


The client's offices were closed, rendering the delivery of printed publications useless. As a result, these publications accumulated at their offices, leading to wasted resources, logistical challenges, and mounting costs. The client sought a solution to rapidly convert their subscriptions from print to online delivery while minimizing the administrative burden associated with converting and managing individual subscriptions.


Couranto devised a comprehensive solution to address the client's challenges. They initiated the following steps:

Compilation of Publication Lists: Couranto worked closely with the client to create a detailed inventory of all the print publications they were receiving. This step was essential to identify the scope of the conversion process and streamline the transition.

Administrator/Subscriber Review: Couranto collaborated with the client to review the publication list and determine which publications were essential for their employees. By analyzing the content and relevance of each publication, they ensured that employees continued to receive the information they required for their work.

Notification to Publishers: Once the list was finalized, Couranto promptly notified the publishers about the client's intent to cancel some subscriptions for refund, combine others to extend service where appropriate, transfer subscriptions from some subscribers to others, and convert virtually all subscriptions from print to online. Couranto then worked with publishers to adjust service expiration dates to achieve common dates for renewals. This effort ensured a smooth transition and enabled publishers to make necessary adjustments to their distribution channels.

Group License Conversion: Couranto facilitated the conversion of individual subscriptions to group licenses. By aggregating subscriptions, the client achieved significant cost savings and minimized administrative paperwork associated with managing multiple subscriptions.


The implementation of Couranto's solution yielded several positive outcomes for the client:

Online Delivery Conversion: More than 90% of the client's print subscriptions were successfully converted to online delivery. This ensured that employees continued to receive their business-critical information, irrespective of their physical locations.

Cost Savings: By transitioning individual subscriptions to group licenses, the client achieved substantial cost savings. The annual savings exceeded $100,000, significantly reducing their subscription expenses.

Streamlined Process: Couranto's solution streamlined the client’s subscription management process, eliminating the need for individual renewals and paperwork associated with each subscription. This allowed the client to focus on core business activities while leaving the subscription management in expert hands.


Couranto successfully resolved the client's challenge of receiving printed publications at closed offices by implementing an efficient solution. By converting print subscriptions to online and aggregating individual subscriptions into group licenses, Couranto ensured uninterrupted access to essential information for the client's employees. The significant cost savings achieved through this transition highlighted the value of streamlining subscription management processes. This case study exemplifies the importance of adaptability and leveraging technology to address evolving business needs in an increasingly digital world.

Who is Couranto?

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 35 team members in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, London, Tokyo and the Philippines, and global alliance partners internationally, Couranto has been providing subscription, e-content, book, license and data management services for clients throughout North America, EMEA and APAC since 1989.

Couranto specializes in the corporate and professional services markets. We are uniquely experienced at serving the needs of this complex, multi-divisional marketplace.

Couranto is a Woman-Owned Business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Disability:IN and Couranto has been named one of the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for five years running.