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Helping a Senior Executive Maintain Her License Credentials


Helping a Senior Executive Maintain Her License Credentials

This case study focuses on a problem faced by a senior executive who failed to renew her association membership and lost access to the Continuing Education (CEU) credits required to maintain her license credentials. Despite her executive assistant's efforts, access reinstatement had been delayed for weeks. This case study highlights how Couranto successfully intervened, leading to resolution of the issue within two hours.


A senior executive at our client lost access to a corporate membership, which was essential for obtaining CEU credits. The loss of access posed a risk to the executive's license credentials, potentially affecting her professional standing. The executive’s assistant had diligently attempted to resolve the access issue but faced unexpected obstacles and setbacks, resulting in prolonged delays. The situation demanded immediate attention to reinstate access and ensure compliance with licensing requirements.


Upon learning of the access problem, Couranto recognized the urgency of the matter and promptly intervened . Deploying their relationship managers, Couranto facilitated a call involving the executive assistant, Couranto representatives, and the corporate membership manager at the professional association. This collaborative approach enabled everyone involved to identify the underlying issues and find a swift solution. Professional membership and CEU access was reinstated within two hours for the senior executive.


Through the collective efforts of Couranto, the executive assistant, and the membership association, the issue was successfully resolved in less than two hours. The senior executive's access to the corporate membership was reinstated, allowing her to resume acquiring the necessary CEU credits for maintaining her license credentials. The resolution relieved the executive and the executive assistant of the prolonged frustration and uncertainty they had been experiencing.

In addition to resolving the access issue, Couranto provided valuable guidance and resources during the call. They assisted the executive assistant in navigating extra resources designed to simplify processes and offer further support to both the executive and the assistant. These additional resources aimed to streamline future interactions with the membership association, ensuring smoother access and facilitating the executive's ongoing compliance with licensing requirements.


This case study showcases the successful intervention of Couranto in resolving a critical access issue faced by our client's senior executive. By promptly engaging with the membership association and facilitating a collaborative discussion, Couranto efficiently reinstated the executive's access to the corporate membership. The resolution not only mitigated the risk to the executive's license credentials but also provided valuable guidance and resources to the executive assistant.

Who is Couranto?

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 35 team members in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, London, Tokyo and the Philippines, and global alliance partners internationally, Couranto has been providing subscription, e-content, book, license, and data management services for clients throughout North America, EMEA and APAC since 1989.

Couranto specializes in the corporate and professional services markets. We are uniquely experienced at serving the needs of this complex, multi-divisional marketplace.

Couranto is a Woman-Owned Business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Disability:IN and Couranto has been named one of the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for five years running.