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Features of the new Couranto Clarity Data Explorer

Clients want to analyze and manage their data, but have not found a powerful but intuitive solution that meets their needs. Until now.

Because now, with our Clarity Data Explorer, Couranto gives users and administrators a convenient way to explore their data in real-time, flexibly and efficiently. Couranto’s Clarity Data Explorer maximizes the value of your information with robust reporting features other platforms lack. No longer will you be asking questions like:

  • How many contracts are with a particular supplier?
  • How much are we budgeting for next year?
  • When do my contracts expire?
  • What types of contracts do I have?
  • Who is the internal manager of each contract?
  • Data Explorer allows you to filter and slice your data into relevant groups for analysis, enabling you to readily answer questions like:
  • How much has been committed for the next budget year?
  • What departments are paying for a license, and how were costs allocated?
  • Who are the budget owners?
  • How much does a license cost over the life of the contract?
  • Are we deploying all entitlements efficiently?

The Data Explorer allows clients to quickly retrieve and utilize data in real-time to make decisions with increased insight. By understanding the power of Couranto’s Clarity System reporting features, you will be better equipped to identify and deploy information, contract, and license management solutions. This article will provide you with an overview of Clarity’s reporting features and how they can help you.


You can filter your data by virtually any field, including custom fields that you create on the fly. This new “Grid Filtering” feature enables you to search data and filter information based on dozens of parameters, including:

  • Contract name
  • Contract type
  • Vendor
  • Account
  • Signatories
  • Administrators
  • Users
  • Region(s)
  • Subsidiary
  • Contract tags
  • Contract cost and currency
  • Past spend, future spend, committed current spend
  • Contract start date, end date, and more

In combination with Grid Filtering, you can quickly locate desired data and easily toggle back and forth between different data sets to cross reference information. With the new Data Explorer, our clients can do things like filter by individual subsidiaries, within selected timeranges or contract values, for easy data use.

Additionally, for a more precise query, filters can be set so that date or cost values can be filtered by ranges such as greater than, equal to, less than, or restricted to a range to narrow the filter results. Plus, users can quickly sort through this data and evaluate different currency costs at a glance, with Clarity’s unique colorized currency codes.


The lock and unlock feature allows users to manage allocations more easily. Managing complex lists of data can become burdensome. When focusing on a single contract, Couranto provides a better way to view data and make as many allocation changes as you want—allowing rows to remain locked while making changes to the rest of the list and to see how other rows are affected.


Businesses are always looking for new ways to analyze data, and Couranto provides this through customizable group tags. Data Explorer allows users to create different tags for different data sets they wish to analyze. By attaching multiple tags to groups, users improve the efficiency and speed to get the data they need - for example, you can search or filter for all contracts tagged with “Patient Analyses,” “Multi Year Trends” and “Clinical Results,” then decide whether results should include contracts tagged with any one, or all, of these custom tags. Tags are beneficial when combined with options like saving tag groups, reporting on data within tags, and filtering data in real-time—allowing for new and customizable ways to view your data.

Column Grouping

Your data sheets may contain complex information which could be challenging to read and utilize. Column grouping easily allows you to view your desired data set within the Couranto Clarity Data Explorer, permitting administrators to visually group columns by any heading and monitor this data in an organized, concise and actionable way. For another level of customization, users can easily drag and drop tags into their data grid and select only those columns they want to remain visible, to quickly exclude unwanted data and view only the information needed.


The powerful Sorting features of Couranto’s Clarity System can make data more manageable. Users can quickly sort data based on factors like contract costs, contract names or dates, signatories, vendors, or virtually any field.


Data is easier than ever to view and utilize with the Data Explorer. For ease of data interpretation, take a “macro view” by using Couranto’s "quick view bar,” to feature your selected contracts in an easy-to-use timeline graph within Data Explorer. This time-saving feature also permits you to jump to an individual contract by simply clicking on it within the timeline.

And of course, all information can be exported to Excel or any spreadsheet for further analysis and charting.

Couranto’s Clarity Data Explorer is a highly efficient tool that helps you analyze your contracts, licenses, and electronic content more effectively and efficiently. Use it to control your organization’s information management costs and usage through vendor identification, departmental spend and usage, agreement type classification, expiration dates and budgetary tracking, etc. With your business in mind, Couranto continuously improves our System features to address individual organizational needs, enhance user experience and allow businesses to seamlessly maximize the impact of their data from one consolidated platform.

To learn more about the Couranto Clarity License Management Platform, or about Contract Reporting in particular, please contact David Rifkin or 201.307.9900 x102.