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Couranto Helps Clients Integrate Subscriptions into Their SAP System

As an SAP Partner, information management technology and service provider Couranto gives SAP and Ariba users greater visibility and control over information-related spend, including subscriptions, content licenses, data resources, and contracts.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, MARCH 25 — US information management technology and service

provider Couranto, formerly cSubs, has become an SAP Partner to facilitate information

management for SAP users.

As a certified member of the SAP PartnerEdge Build program, Couranto uniquely empowers

companies to integrate information-related expenses into their SAP and

Ariba systems for greater visibility and control over recurring spend, including:

 Subscriptions

 Content licenses

 Data Resources

 Contracts

The Couranto service is already integrated with SAP accounts of globally renowned brands in

the pharmaceutical, automotive, banking, insurance, and publishing industries.

The integration helps businesses reach strategic data sourcing goals, including:

 Eliminating tail spend

 Ensuring quality by only engaging approved suppliers

 Increasing transparency with a comprehensive inventory of users and products

 Consolidating vendors through a single diversity-certified supplier

 And More

Having recently acquired key clients in the UK, Germany, Romania, and Poland, the company

is currently focused on growing their presence in the EMEA markets as well as expanding

growth in North America, and evolving their offering to address their clients’ market and license

data management needs. According to Couranto Head of EMEA Business Development

Stephen Phillips, Couranto’s SAP Partnership is a part of this mission.

Phillips said:

“Working with our experienced professionals to incorporate Couranto into their existing

SAP implementations, our clients are able to bring category spend under control.

The Couranto PunchOut catalog includes over 100,000 information products from an

extensive portfolio of vendors. Anything not yet in the catalog can be added in a matter of

hours, enabling stakeholders to quickly order the services they need to facilitate their

decision making or client conversations, run those purchases through their ePro workflow,

and even split and allocate costs across subsidiaries, regions and divisions.”

About Couranto

Couranto is an end-to-end suite of customizable solutions for unifying the management and

procurement of data contracts, licenses, subscriptions, and information resources across the

enterprise. The company provides strategic, integrated solutions that maximize the value of

clients’ information, simplifying access and empowering stakeholders, managers, and users.

Built on expertise, Couranto solutions inspire insight and create an enduring impact throughout

the organization.



Stephen Phillips

+44 204 542 9992

David Rifkin

+1 201-307-9900 ext 102