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Couranto Expands to Serve Information Management Needs in EMEA

Having welcomed a senior figure in the UK and European information management industry to its leadership board, US information management technology and service provider Couranto announces its expansion in EMEA.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 5 – US-based information management technology and service provider Couranto, previously cSubs, has announced its expanded focus on Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

With over 35 years serving the US’ market’s information management needs, the company has unveiled several strategic changes within the organization:

  • A new brand image under the name Couranto

  • An evolved offering to streamline the sourcing, management and access to all forms of information assets, third-party intellectual property and a rapidly expanding range of subscription based services

  • Its entry to the EMEA market

The expansion follows a recent addition to the leadership team, as well as regional account acquisitions and tailored services to meet regional and local needs.

This year, Couranto welcomed Stephen Phillips as Director Business Development in EMEA. A senior figure in the UK and European information management industry, Phillips was previously Global Head of Business Information Management at a leading international investment bank, where he honed his leadership skills managing large research teams and an extensive portfolio of products and suppliers.

With Phillips taking the lead, Couranto is already establishing partnerships with key clients including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and energy companies in the UK, Germany, Romania and Poland.

As they build their presence, Couranto has introduced customer support capabilities aligned with Greenwich Mean (GMT) and Central European Time (CET) zones. They can also support a range of local languages, including French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and Hungarian.

Commenting on the vision for the future of EMEA information management services, Phillips said:

“I am very excited to lead the expansion of Couranto in EMEA. Our existing clients look to us to deliver their strategic sourcing objectives across a very demanding category of spend. I am looking forward to working with more organizations, enabling them to realize the benefits of leveraging our technology to control costs, maximize value and streamline their information procurement process.”

About Couranto

Couranto is a fully customizable, end-to-end information and data contract and license management solution.

The company provides strategic solutions that maximize the value of clients' information, streaming access to subscriptions, data resources, intellectual licenses and contracts.

Built on expertise, their solutions inspire insight throughout organizations to create an enduring impact.

Couranto contacts: In EMEA Stephen Phillips at, North America David Rifkin at